Quality Assurance and Control

Our team is committed to provide material which conforms to the quality standards & expectations of our valued clients. The QA team monitors & works on continuous improvement of all the processes. Strong quality checks have been put in place on inbound, in process and the finished goods stages.


Our lab facilities are second to none & are recognized for the range and depth of our testing capabilities and research & development opportunities. Our team performs extensive testing based on international standards & the state-of-the-art testing equipment provides fast & accurate results.

Gas Chromatographer by Agilant, U.S.A.

To analyze & determine absence or presence of solvent quantity.

O.T.R. Tester, Systech Instruments, U.K.

Used for determining oxygen permeability characteristics of various films.

W.V.T.R. Tester, Systech Instruments, U.K.

Water Vapor Permeability Tester is applicable to the water vapor transmission rate test of various films.

Spectrophotometer, X-Rite eXact, U.S.A.

Spectrophotometer provides accurate & repeatable color measurement in the pressroom and ink labs compared to visual judgements which are very subjective. It provides quantitative actionable feedback for the press operator.
In addition, it has the feature of measuring films, CMYK solid densities and tints.

Universal Tensile Tester, Testometric Co. Ltd. U.K.

UTM, is an electromechanical test system to determine the tensile strength of the film.

Karl Fischer Titrate, Metrohm, Switzerland.

Chemical analysis for the determination of moisture content.

Moisture Analyzer Tester Mettler Toledo, Germany

Multiple Heat Seal Tester, Lab Think, China.

Validates the sealing temperatures of various films.

Leak Tester, Lab Think, China.

Validates & ensures the seal integrity, as pin holes, channel leaks and improper sealing all present challenges for leak testing in this Industry.

Optical Density Meter, Ahara, China.

It is used to determine the metalizing quality of various metalized films.

Coefficient of friction (COF) tester.

Measures the static and kinetic coefficients of friction of various films.

Digital Micro Meter

Validates the sealing temperatures of various films.

Zahn Viscosity Cup

It is used to measure the Ink viscosity.

Dart Impact Testing Machine, Lab Think, China.

It helps determine the impact resistance of various films and is directly related to bursting strength of the various films.

Pin Hole Checking Table

This table helps check for pin hole defects in various films.

Pantone Shade Card

Used as standard shade reference for development of various jobs.

Treatment Measuring Solution & Marker

It is used to confirm the treatment level of various films.


Oven is extensively used for day to day sample testing.

Color matching Cabinet

It is used for color matching & assessments to maintain color consistency & quality.

GSM Measuring Weighing Scale

It is used to measure the grammage of films & coatings.

Barcode Scanner

The scanner is used to ensure that the Barcode is valid & readable during prepress as well as the printing process.